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About Papillion International Bakery

Papillon's Tradition, Experience, Heavenly Taste & The Joy Of Putting Smiles On People's Faces...

Papillon International Bakery originally opened its doors to the Glendale, California community in 1996. Serving a fusion of modern and traditional French and European fresh baked goods, Papillon quickly became famous for its selection of artisan croissants, selection of savory perashkis, and Papillon’s most famous creation, the original “Mini Ponchik.” Papillon has been built and operated around simple principles of using only the highest-quality fresh ingredients, offering great baked goods at affordable prices, and the most important, making sure that every customer leaves Papillon with a smile!

Bringing The Goodness Closer To Home
Following its tremendous success with its main location in Glendale, California, Papillon has grown its operations to two additional locations, a “Papilllon International Bakery” in Glendale, California, and the much anticipated locations in Hollywood and North Hollywood, California.

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“...Papillon smeels soo good, that everytime I walk in the bakery I want to literally eat everything in the bakery! I love Papillon's Ponchiks, they are wonderful!...”
Anna Finley

“...We love Papillon! They always make our events spectacular! There is no such thing as too much Papillon! Thank you Papillon!..." Avagian Family

"...It took me about a minute to eat one of Papillon's Perashki's, which was referred by a friend, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the rest of the box! Just thinking about the Perashki's spicy pepper dressing makes me want to take an early luch at times...” Arthur Grigorian

Why Choose Us? Simply Because We Are The Best!

Just like actions speak for themselves... Our delicious pastries will reveal the truth all by themselves. We proudly welcome you to try our variety of selections starting from sweets and ending with pastries. We also plan special events.

We know that everything starts with a great taste... therefore we have special plan for your special event. Contact us with your request and have one of our planners help you set-up an event which will be rememberd forever!